Shared vision,
united efforts

Civic Engagement and Data Analytics for Better Cities

h.appycities APP is an online platform and mobile application for citizen engagement, civic participation and constant dialog. It enables City Halls to keep a good image and track of the citizens’ perception on the local administration activity but also to foster innovation through community participation. 
Through a points-based system, users stay engaged and motivated to continue contributing to 
their community. 

Citizen or City Hall?

h.appycities provides you with a full-service solution to contribute to your urban community and aspire towards a smart city. Now you can leverage easy-to-integrate solutions for both mobile and desktop.

Together we can create a powerful synergy and dialogue between public institutions and citizens.

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Why h.appycities?

We bridge the gap between citizens and city halls and encourage transparency on both sides. As a citizen, your role will contribute to the community and will influence the decisions of your leaders. As a City Hall, your involvement in this dialogue will build trust and leave room for more efficient communication efforts.

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