Shared vision,
united efforts

Civic Engagement and Data Analytics for Better Cities



H.appyCities APP is an online platform and mobile application for citizen engagement, civic participation, and constant dialogue. Enable your city hall to keep a good image and track of the citizens’ perception on the local administration activity. Foster innovation through community participation. 



Citizen or City Hall?

Let’s create a powerful synergy and dialogue between public institutions and citizens. Contribute to your urban community and aspire towards a smart city.

Now you can leverage easy-to-integrate solutions for both mobile and desktop. 


Why H.appyCities APP?

We bridge the gap between citizens and city halls and encourage transparency on both sides. As a citizen, your role will contribute to the community and influence the decisions of your leaders. As a city hall, your involvement in this dialogue will build trust and leave room for effective communication efforts.


Your h.appycities app

Take an active role in four easy steps and get rewarded by your community for your contribution. Whether you wish to raise an issue, answer polls or come up with a revolutionary idea for your community, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard.


Your City Hall Dashboard

Grow your community with a user-friendly and seamless platform. The City Hall Dashboard is a web-based application that allows you to view stats and set the controls and actions. Whether you wish to manage roles and notifications, asses reported issues or proposed solutions; your continuous activity will build more trust among citizens. 

More personalized results

We automatically generate a dedicated website for each city, based on the input received and the information collected via our platforms. Use the website to promote success stories and citizen initiatives resulted from a prolific partnership between local administration and citizens. 


Be an active citizen! By using h.appycities app, you can:

propose and work on solid solutions

become more responsible and involved in your community

better understand the institutions and their decisions

create more active communities focused on collaboration

create models for other communities and cities

Become a more responsible city hall! By using City Hall Dashboard, you can:

track citizens’ perception on the local administration's activity

take decisions based on factual data and citizen feedback

participate in joint actions with the community in order to build trust

better align communication efforts with the public agenda

foster innovation through community participation


Growing together

The digital ecosystem facilitates relevant discourses. The more the city hall gets involved, the higher the smart data collection is. This provides clear insights into what citizens expect for their community. This permanent growing cycle will result in a progressive and socially advanced city.