Your h.appycities app

Take an active role in four easy steps. As a citizen you get engaged and play an important role in the community. You get rewarded by the community for your constant feedback and you stand a chance to become a valuable community member or leader.  


Whether you wish to raise an issue, answer polls or come up with a revolutionary idea for your community, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard.

Your City Hall Dashboard

Grow your community sustainably. The City Hall Dashboard is a web-based application that provides the possibility to view stats, set the controls and actions, and manage roles and notifications through a user-friendly and seamless platform. Whether you wish to manage roles and notifications, view raised issues or proposed solutions, your continuous activity will build more trust among citizens. 

More personalized results

Based on the information collected via our platforms, we automatically generate a dedicated website for each city. This way, cities can promote their citizens’ participation level and quality of life as well as share their success implementation stories.