Tech and Data for Agile Communication

H.appyCities TECH is a digital ecosystem that includes SaaS tools, custom online campaigns technology and data services for the public institution’s communication efforts. Inform, engage, and activate citizens through both the Internet and mobile platforms.


Integrated Digital Communication for Public Institutions

The H.appyCities ecosystem is an integrated solution with multiple platforms that leverage advanced automation technologies developed in-house. It’s a future-proof solution right at your fingertips so that you can make a real difference!

Why H.appyCities TECH?

Our data-centric tools provide an agile approach to your communication initiatives and better align them to the public agenda. Here’s what you can measure and monitor:

Your institution’s popularity level

Your online communication strategy for target groups of citizens

Main civic issues and policies perceptions

Your email marketing campaigns

Your social media reach and engagement metrics

Your event management strategies and logistics

All your collected data in one place



Develop an agile institutional communication with dedicated platforms. The H.appyCities ecosystem is the most advanced digital solution on the market for civic engagement. Here’s how it works:


H.appy Connect
Communicate with citizens via email and text messages to ensure a long-term relationship that can turn into offline support.


H.appy Engage
Create a sustainable and ever-growing digital community of active citizens through ”gamification” and recommendations.


H.appy Social
Scale up your presence on social media, get unique insights, listen to citizens, and check the latest social media trends.


H.appy Events
Organize your offline events and activities more efficiently to identify your participants and engage them later.


H.appy Data
Store and organize data in a centralized depository to monitor, evaluate and make predictions for your campaigns.